The Way Hope Humbles Us

November 25, 2020

As we began planning this year’s Locavore fundraiser, we had to start from scratch. No gathering, no meal, no live auction. Piece by piece, our dedicated planning team rebuilt the event.

Through the process, I was once again overwhelmed with the generosity of the community – many people donated beautiful auction items for our online auction. Churches donated their space to help us pull off safe distributions of registration materials and auction items, as well as to hold our virtual program. Our emcee donated his time, our video editor recorded some transition music, and numerous other individuals were willing to be filmed and lend their voices to enrich the program.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event this year. Registration numbers were lower than in years past, and many folks feel uncomfortable navigating virtual spaces. After the event was over, I went home and found no online donations had been made and the auction was moving slowly at best.

I tried not to panic. But then the emails, calls, and mail came in, slowly and steadily. This year’s event income grew to a point where I can say it was amazingly successful in the context of a pandemic.

It humbles me to come up to the edge of what I can do, and to witness God doing the rest – stirring people’s hearts to show up and to give. It brings me to tears. There’s nothing to do except be grateful and honored to be part of the work of God’s kingdom.

Thank you for showing up. If you would like to view the full Locavore program, you can do so here:

The photo above is of one Bridge of Hope family receiving their Thanksgiving basket full of what they love because you showed up.

We have so much to be grateful for. Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

The Way Hope Humbles Us