We value the generosity of our community, and will gratefully accept needed items!

Current Needs

Furniture: As a Housing First organization, our greatest needs are for furniture items. In particular, bed frames, mattresses, dressers, tables and couches are all consistently needed.

Current Misc. Furniture Needs:

Household: We are currently well-stocked on Housewarming Kits that include a laundry basket, kitchen and bath towels, toilet paper and basic toiletry and cleaning supplies.

Current Household Needs: None

Birthday: We have a birthday library to supply items for celebrations. This includes games and decorations that can be borrowed and returned. However, plates, napkins and wrapping paper are items that we can always use as they are not returnable.

Miscellaneous: We always appreciate people thinking of our families when we have a specific need. We cannot accept any and all items, but we will continue to update our list.

Current Miscellaneous Needs: None at this time.

How to Donate

Email carolyn@hr.bridgeofhopeinc.org with item description which includes dimensions, condition and photo/s.

In-Kind Donation Receipt: Available upon request.