Living the Name of God

August 19, 2019

A friend of mine recently said to me, “’I AM’ is the name of God.  When we use the phrase ‘I Am’ and whatever follows is anything less than the magnificence of who we were created to be, we are taking the name of God in vain.”

This statement stopped me in my tracks. Her words were a powerful reassessment of our connection to the name and image of God, and it’s a statement that I continue to reflect upon and integrate.

At Bridge of Hope, we use the phrase “I Am Neighboring” in our social media hashtags and promotional materials.  As I reflect on the word “Neighboring” following “I Am” I realize that it combines a powerful personal stance with a communal contract all in the name of God.  If I identify as a neighbor, I am living into the reality that I was created in the Divine image and can invite others to do the same.

That’s exactly what Jesus did.

This is not to say that we don’t have rough days or messy realities.  It means we absolutely do AND we can claim our true identity in the midst of it, not being defined by circumstances but by the unconditional love of the Divine.  It’s a strengths-based spiritual journey, and our resilient Bridge of Hope families live it!

How will you live the name of God today?

Living the Name of God