Breathing Deeply

July 18, 2019

Lately, I’ve been meditating on the ancient Hebrew and Arabic roots of the word “Spirit.”  The word “ru’ahh” (Hebrew) and “rwh” (Arabic) literally translate into “breath, soul, vitality, spirit, wind.”

Reflecting on this, I am reminded of how imminent God’s Spirit is to us – literally inside of us, filling us at every moment, knowing us better than we may know ourselves.  It is our first act of life on this earth, to breathe.  Upon further reflection, I wonder how often we think of God’s Spirit this close.  Furthermore, how often do we think of the breath and vitality of organizations?

Last month, we celebrated the graduation of one of our Bridge of Hope moms.  Like many Bridge of Hope grads, her story was such an inspiration.  Consider that the word “inspire means “to breathe life into.”

The families we serve inspire us.  They are channeling Spirit back into the organization, just as we hope they receive it from the Neighborhood of Support.  This inspiration lifts us as staff, it warms the hearts of donors, and it draws more people in to participate in the sacred journey of Neighboring with Bridge of Hope.

I’ve been praying with my breath a lot recently.  Whenever a prayer request comes up or gratitude is felt, I’ve been practicing breathing deeply, expanding my own inner world with God’s vitality, inviting God’s highest good to manifest.

Will you take Bridge of Hope families, staff, and volunteers to your breath at this moment?

Breathing Deeply