Where’s Your Acorn

March 23, 2021

I have long been both amused and amazed by the fact that squirrels cannot find 74% of the acorns they bury. I imagine them finding a great acorn and innately knowing that it needs to be preserved. So then and there a small hole is dug and the acorn is packed away for later. But the great majority of acorns are not destined to be squirrel food. They are the future of the forest.

I am coming up on my third anniversary of working with Bridge of Hope. I have witnessed more miracles and moments of joy than I can count. I’ve also experienced situations of conflict and struggle that have required perseverance, creativity, transformation and deep trust.

But within both the joy and the struggle is the opportunity to attend to a deeper process. The mission is the core of an organization, guiding its function. Our mission centers on our families, community, and Jesus. As the mission guides us, it becomes the fertile ground in which we plant our metaphorical acorns.

Over the past month especially, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude by the small forest I see emerging in our midst, rising up amid larger trees grown from years past. Our families are surrounded by friendship and support, our team of staff is passionate and strong, and our board is unified and focused. As a Bridge of Hope supporter, you too have been part of this process through your prayers, participation, and investment. We are grateful.

There is never one singular thing we can point to and say “It’s because of this or that.” Rather, it’s the collective – everything we’ve attended to along the way. One hope-filled acorn at a time.


Where’s Your Acorn