How Do You Spell Love?

May 24, 2021

I recently listened to two engaging podcasts – conversations between Brené Brown and Aiko Bethea.

Within these conversations, the question arose:

How do you spell Love? The answer?


Of course this makes sense for the Bridge of Hope program. We are all about investing in time for our families to develop relationships, work toward goals, become financially stable and let hope take root.

But what about the shorter seasons we have within this work?

Case manager Makayla Fulmer and I were recently reflecting on this. Makayla is having to end her time of quarter-time employment with Bridge of Hope due to a promotion she received at NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center. While we are sad to say good-bye to Makayla, we also celebrate her success and have plans to keep her on as a consultant. We are grateful for her work with NewBridges.

Sometimes even families come to us for short seasons. Sometimes families are accepted into the program and decide to move out of our geographical service area. Some moms reunite with spouses. Some just choose to end the program early.

And in all of the seasons, we follow Kairos time, God’s time, weaving together a bigger picture than we can see in any given moment. It’s not always easy, but we trust the process.

Makayla’s time of employment was a gift. Here’s what she has to say:

“It has been a humbling and transformational experience to work with Bridge of Hope. To be allowed ‘in’ the lives of our Neighboring Families as a case manager is something that is sacred and an honor. I have witnessed these moms be warriors and cultivators of positive change for themselves and their children. They are inspiring, resilient, and strong. I’m grateful for what they have taught me and I hope I have helped support them in their journeys well. I deeply appreciated working with my wonderful boss, fantastic colleagues, and having a network of support both locally and nationally where I know I’m cared for. They say hurt people hurt people; loved people love people, too.”

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How Do You Spell Love?