Finding the “Yes”

December 20, 2019

The other day I was standing in line at a store next to a display of “No” buttons.  I smiled to myself as I remembered a time in my life where I could have really benefitted from having one of those!  Learning how to use the word “No” well was such an important learning experience for me.  “No” is a powerful tool and I have great respect for it.

And yet as I have continued to deepen my own inner work, I have recognized the need to go a step further than “No.”  Certainly, “No” has a role, but to locate the “Yes” can require more of us.  This is the deep “Yes” that is informed by a place of centeredness and connection when we are present to what is.

I believe there’s always something we can say “Yes” to even amid pain.  I recently found myself in a challenging situation, and as I reflected on my role, I wrote, “I’ll keep showing up at the table, keep listening, and respond from that place of connection.”

And who inspires me?  Our families.  They wake up every day and find ways to say “Yes” to their lives in ways that demonstrate immense resilience in the face of extreme challenges.  As they are beacons of hope for me, certainly I can find a way to show up with a “Yes” as well.

Reflecting on 2019, there’s so much to be grateful for, especially for God’s Spirit and Bridge of Hope supporters saying “Yes” to journeying with us.  As we look toward a new year, I leave you with this poem:

Hold Out Your Hand

By Julia Fehrenbacher

Let’s forget the world for a while
fall back and back
into the hush and holy
of now

are you listening? This breath
invites you
to write the first word
of your new story

your new story begins with this:
You matter

you are needed—empty
and naked
willing to say yes
and yes and yes

Do you see
the sun shines, day after day
whether you have faith
or not

the sparrows continue
to sing their song
even when you forget to sing

stop asking: Am I good enough?
Ask only
Am I showing up
with love?

Life is not a straight line
it’s a downpour of gifts, please—
hold out your hand


Finding the “Yes”