Changing the Narrative

October 16, 2019

Can you think of a moment your life changed for the better?

There are moments. Precious, pivotal moments, when people can begin to see a new story emerging for their lives.

I think of Kaitlyn, a mother with two kids, who was paralyzed with grief for her marriage.  One day after a long cry, she was lying on her bed when she lived one of these moments. It was the moment she recognized that she was able to embrace her own life, including her role as a mother, in a whole new way.  She was worth it.

Changing narratives are so important for trauma healing.  Homelessness is traumatic.  We pray for our Bridge of Hope families to have an abundance of these moments where hope is sparked, and resilience grows.

I hold Kaitlyn’s moment in my heart.  It gives me hope every time I think of it.  These mothers are inspiring.  So very inspiring.

Changing the Narrative