A Prayer of Thanksgiving

November 23, 2021

God, we give you thanks for the ongoing work of Bridge of Hope in our community. It is no small thing you are doing in the lives of women and children who are overcoming homelessness, so thanks for allowing us to be a part of it.

Thank you for each woman in our program, who is so much more than a mother. Thank you for the new narratives they are claiming for their lives.

Thank you that Cierra was able to get her driver’s license and a car and now she has more options for employment.

Thank you that Alicia is getting out of a very dangerous living situation and focusing on health and safety for herself and her daughter.

Thank you that Trinity and her baby girl will be housed by Christmas and they are getting the healthcare they need.

Thank you that Bella has financial support through rental assistance and that her children are now all safe.

Thank you that Jayda has had the courage to begin finalizing her divorce and is moving toward financial independence.

Thank you that the children in our program can look forward to better and brighter futures because of all of these things.

Thank you for our staff who work so diligently, with passion, love and professionalism.

Thank you for all of our volunteers who allow themselves to be generous with time, energy and resources.

Thank you for all who support our work, for stirring their hearts, for gifting them the resources to act as medicine to heal brokenness in our community.

Thank you for all the local agencies working to support the most vulnerable. We are so grateful for all of them and grateful that we are not alone.

God, thank you for reminding us of your presence in the difficult moments.

Thank you, God, for hope.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving