Harrisonburg -

A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of Bridge of Hope is to end and prevent homelessness for women and children with
the help of trained mentoring groups within congregations. Single mothers achieve permanent
housing and financial stability through employment and attain stability and enhanced self-esteem through ongoing mentoring friendships. Our goal is to exemplify Christ’s love and to promote physical, emotional, social and spiritual wholeness.

Values Statement

The Bridge of Hope network and partners embrace these values as we engage in ending homelessness for single mothers and their children. Bridge of Hope is:

1. Following Jesus.

  • We follow Jesus as our example in embodying love and holding out hope to homeless families.
  • We follow Jesus as we engage in mutual relationships with vulnerable families in a way that offers dignity, respect and lasting impact.
  • We follow Jesus, recognizing our triune God as our life source and depending on prayer to empower us to fulfill God’s purposes through Bridge of Hope.

2. Embracing the Church.

  • We embrace the church as the vital link for ending homelessness for women and children.
  • We embrace mentoring groups from within churches that provide the long-term supportive friendships that homeless and at-risk families need.
  • We embrace and draw staff, board members and mentoring groups from Christian congregations which confess Jesus Christ as divine Lord and Savior.

3. Choosing Hope.

  • We choose hope by respecting each woman and child participating in the program, regardless of race, ethnicity, faith or life experience.
  • We choose hope by building on each individual’s strengths and offering a solution to homelessness that emerges as all of us bring our strengths to the table.
  • We choose hope by promoting transformation and positive changes which occur in the life of homeless mothers, children, staff, mentors, board members and volunteers through their involvement in Bridge of Hope.