Harrisonburg -

A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Bridge of Hope Harrisonburg-Rockingham

Homeless mothers and their children are among the most vulnerable persons in our communities today. Their loneliness and despair stirs the desire of many to give these families a chance at a stable and secure life. But caring people often admit to feeling ill-equipped to reach out in helpful ways to those who are homeless, many of whom also struggle with problems of abuse, joblessness, or addiction.

To provide a way for those caring individuals to reach out and help fight this despair on a local level, Bridge of Hope Harrisonburg-Rockingham (BOHHR) was founded.  We are a faith based non-profit organization started locally by a multi-denominational group of Christians and a Bridge of Hope National affiliate—one of 19 Bridge of Hope locations in 11 states and Canada and the only one in Virginia.  Our unique model is built on a three-way partnership matching individuals in need with those wishing to help.  Read more about us, and browse the other information we’ve made available here, including an overview of our services, announcements, and a listing of our fundraisers and other friend-building efforts.